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If you are a Retail Dealer, you may enter your account number and password below to view the status of your accounts.   If you have not yet established this information with PMI, Ltd. please contact us using the information found at right.

Customer account information contained herein is subject to The Confidential Relationship (Preservation) Law as amended of The Cayman Islands.

Release of this information to any third party whether under subpoena or not without the prior written consent of the customer is a criminal offense, carrying a maximum penalty per violation of $100,000 CI Dollars and 5 years imprisonment.

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Contact Information:


Customer Service:
(345) 749-8305 local
(866) 764-2878 toll-free

Fax Contact:
(242) 394-5528 local fax
(888) 869-3414 toll-free fax

Mailing Address:
20 Genesis Place, DMS House, Ground Floor,
PO Box 1103,
George Town, KY1-1102, Grand Cayman, KY

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